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About Automatic Drive Score

By Automatic Labs
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What makes an Automatic Drive Score?

Your Automatic Drive Score is our way of figuring out the best way to help you drive more safely. Our platform examines driving behavior, driving habits, and external factors like weather and traffic, then offers feedback to improve your driving.

Contributions to Your Score

Driving Conditions
Weather and traffic are contributing factors to your score to create a more complete, contextually accurate picture of your trips and driving history.
Driving Behavior
Automatic can detect when you apply more force than normal, so your score takes hard accelerations and decelerations into account. There are various reasons of why to avoid this behavior, including fuel efficiency and break damage, but it is also not as safe as steady, gradual changes in speed.
Time & Route
Different types of roads, frequency of use, and time of day can impact your score, as they represent an important component of your total driving exposure.

Glossary of Terms

A road visited a couple of times per week.
Full Day of Driving
An average of 8 hours of driving per day in a week.
Hard Accelerations
Acceleration from 0-20 in 3 seconds.
Hard Brakes
Deceleration from 20-0 mph in 3 seconds.
Roads where the posted speed limit is greater than or equal to 45mph.
Inclement Weather
Rain or Snow
Long trip
Drives that last more than 1 hour.
Night Driving
Driving between sunset and sunrise in your local timezone, based on your latitude and longitude.
Residential Roads/Neighborhoods
Roads where the posted speed limit is less than or equal to 30 mph.
Rest Period between Long Trips
A minimum of a 10 minute break per 2 hour trips.
Roads that are not part of your routine.

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